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Reaching the World serves the immediate needs of homeless, low-income individuals and families. The majority of our clients are elderly with limited monthly incomes and families with children, who are often survivors of domestic violence.  The individuals and families who seek our assistance are experiencing economic distress due to unemployment, low-income employment or due to a one-time or ongoing medical or other emergency.

The majority of American families are less than two paychecks away from from experiencing economic distress.  A one-time family emergency due to a medical emergency or funeral expenses due to the death of a loved one often result in food insecurity, especially for low-income households.


Some of the families have taken in nieces and nephews in addition to their own children so they have very large families to support during these tough economic times. 


Many of the elderly need food assistance to supplement their limited monthly benefits, but also seek someone to talk to as they are often living in isolation - even before the social isolation created in response to the pandemic.


The majority of the items we distribute are provided in-kind or at a minimal cost. We distribute these donated items by dividing what is available and ensuring that no one leaves empty-handed. As more families experience difficulties during this economic downturn, we need additional funding support to serve the additional clients' needs.


Food Distribution

Food distributions are held every 4th Saturday of each month, except in November and December.  Distributions are held early during these two months. Please contact us in advance to verify food availability.


Advisory Services

Advises individuals and families with  Counseling provided by Reaching The World specializes in the exploration and resolution of personal problems and issues according to the needs of the individual. 


Homeless Transition

​RTW receives referrals from local agencies to serve homeless families and individuals, who have become homeless as a result of a loss of their permanent housing through fire or other circumstances. RTW focuses on securing permanent housing.  Serving the elderly and families with young children are our first priority.


Household Goods

Slightly used and new donated items such as: car seats, baby swings, strollers, pampers, baby clothes, baby bottles, baby monitors, baby furniture, irons, coffee pots, sheets, pots and pans, etc. 

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