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Community Impact

  • Serve more than 5,000 individuals and 1200 families living in Prince George's County, Maryland each year


  • Distribute more than $600,000 worth of in-kind clothing and household goods to victims of domestic violence and their children, low-income families and elderly each year


  •  Distribute more than $125,000 worth of in-kind baby items donated from Buy Buy Baby, Inc. such as: car seats, baby swings, strollers, pampers, baby clothes, baby bottles, baby monitors, baby furniture - cribs and changing tables to low-income families each year


  • Reaching the World invests the majority of all resources received in the community:

    • Program Expenses  = 98%

    • Administration        =   1%

    • Fundraising             = less than 1%

Volunteering with Childrenjpg

Founded in 2009, Reaching the World was established on the principle that feeding the soul is as important as feeding the physical body.


Our mission is to lift people out of despair and into productive lives of employment and service.


Reaching the World began by holding monthly food distributions and providing emergency food supplies to the elderly and families with children. After inquiring with our participants and learning more about the circumstances that led them to rely on our emergency services program, we expanded our services to also provide in-kind clothing and household goods.  In addition, Reaching the World began to advise clients about ways to reduce their need for emergency assistance and engage practices to help them achieve self-sufficiency.


The vision for Reaching the World Community Development, Inc. is based upon the personal experience and inspiration of Deborah Hayden, the founder and Executive Director.


After leaving an abusive marriage during the 70s, Ms. Hayden and her then young children struggled financially. The salary she earned at that time provided enough income to afford basic housing and utilities yet fall short when purchasing groceries each month.  When she applied for assistance, her application was denied because she earned $20.00 above the eligibility standard allowed for a working mother with three children to qualify for government food assistance.  For many years, she sacrificed - even as she worked to provide for her children - carefully limiting herself to only the food her children left on their plates after each meal.

She promised herself that one day she would devote her time, talent, energy and resources to lift other families out of poverty. To fulfill this promise, Ms. Hayden and her now loving and supportive husband founded and remain steadfast in their dedication to serving their community through Reaching the World.

Reaching the World continues to provide emergency food and other support services for individuals, families with children and the elderly living in Prince George's County, Maryland.


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