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Emergency Services Program

Reaching the World is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization serving the immediate needs of homeless, and low income individuals and families living in Prince George’s County, Maryland.

The majority of Reaching the World's annual budget is received as in-kind donations from individuals and corporations in the Washington Metropolitan Area.

In-kind, nonperishable food donations are welcome and appreciated.

Cash donations are greatly appreciated and allow us to supplement the food donations we receive. There is often a shortage of protein, baby formula and essential items like paper products, including diapers and toilet paper, which are restricted from being purchased with food stamps.

Our volunteers are essential to providing effective and efficient services to alleviate hunger and poverty in the Prince George's County community.

Individual volunteers as well as volunteer groups are welcome to contact us about upcoming service opportunities.

We will respect the contribution of your time and talent.  In return we ask you to provide reliable service provided with the respect and compassion for the people in need of our services.

Reaching the World's mission is to provide support services for empowering individuals and families to lift themselves out of poverty and into productive lives of employment and service.

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